Major Changes in the Electronero Ecosystem! STORM Protocol Activated

Enter STORM Protocol


We have a strong user base of investors who want the block rewards reduced to satisfy the community without being too harsh on miners. As a result, STORM protocol will start block reward at 0.0129047 ETNX (plus network fees) and increase future block reward by factor of 15% every 3 months, which will provide a platform for stable growth. The STORM future blocks rewards are sufficient to continue to supplement incentive for decentralized participation at the mining pools, while also providing an economic incentive for the upgrade of the Electronero network and its infrastructure.

Part of our approach is also to counter the effects of FPGA attacks on the Electronero network. FPGA miners sometimes consumed > 80% of network hashing power. It is our duty to protect the lifespan and growth of Electronero project. As a result, it is clear the best decision is to reduce network fees, and future blocks rewards as part of this effort.

Be a hero and choose Electronero!

What is Electronero?

For those of you who are just learning about Electronero be sure and check out Electronero official Core Github hosts electronerod daemons, electronero command line utility wallets & blockchain tools, wrappers and other utilities, while Electronero Project Github hosts Electronero-wallet-gui and other utilities repository and stay updated with the latest releases. Virtually any 64 bit platform is supported by the desktop graphical user interface and the mobile wallet is easy to use. We debuted Electronero mobile wallet and have produced multiple hard forks, soon Litenero will be forged 1:1 of Electronero. Stay connected with us on Telegram and Discord to participate with plans and stay up to speed on the project.

Electronero is a decentralized hard fork of Electroneum. Shards of ETN exist on the Electronero blockchain and new blocks are mined on Cryptonight Fast for GPU/CPU miners ANTI-ASIC proof-of-work. Claim Electronero from ETN, by restoring your keys on ETNX blockchain, mining, or order on participating exchanges. Here’s our wallets.
Windows GUI Wallet with Daemon:

Windows GUI Wallet with Daemon:

Windows Electronerod, Electronero blockchain tools, electronero-wallet-cli, electronero-wallet-rpc:

OSX Electronerod, Electronero blockchain tools, electronero-wallet-cli, electronero-wallet-rpc:

Download and Import the blockchain.raw

./electronero-blockchain-import — batch-size 20000 — database lmdb#fastest — guard-against-pwnage 0

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