Hard fork ‘GENESIS’ finalized in February 2020

We’re happy to announce that we have finalized hard fork GENESIS for ETNXP coins, and major improvements are soon to come. Our core developers have been working hard to future proof the network, and improve performance for all — the core will run with less data, on smaller devices with less bandwidth, and with less memory and space requirements.

The latest improvements for Electronero Pulse have been listening to feedback from the community, and to further support the future of Electronero, we are increasing the supply. …

Electronero Core has been striving to exceed expectations ever since day one.

How to claim Electronero Classic 1:1?


Electronero Classic $ETNXC will be automatically distributed via Electronero Passport protocol to holders of Electronero Pulse $ETNXP after the upcoming hard fork which is to be announced on block 650,001. In order to Claim Electronero Classic $ETNXC from the upcoming hard fork of Electronero Pulse $ETNXP, in form of 1:1 AIRDROP holders of $ETNXP may deposit $ETNXP to the Electronero Pulse mobile wallet and hold $ETNXP until after hard fork block which will be announced on or about block 650,001 in order to have claim to 1:1…

Full featured graphical user interface designed with the full stack, front end based on QT. This wallet contains built in pulsed which is a full daemon, local node may be used or remote node as a light wallet. Pulse-wallet-gui 1.1.4 is the lightest Electronero core has released thus far, shipping only 29mb (OSX) 61mb (Win64) this wallet is one of the fastest full featured wallet downloads in the market.

Available now for OSX and Windows 64 bit

pulse-wallet-GUI wallet can be used with two main functions;

— Light Wallet (remote node) or — Full Daemon (local node)

Light Wallet —…

Electronero Pulse ia a hard fork of Electroneum and Electronero, 1:1 from both of those blockchains exist on Pulse blockchain as a result of a chain split hard fork. Claim Electronero Pulse from ETN or ETNX, by restoring your keys on ETNXP blockchain, mining, or order on participating exchanges. Here’s our wallets.
Windows Light Wallet with Remote node: https://github.com/electronero-project/electronero-gui/releases/tag/v1.0

Windows Full Node GUI: https://github.com/electronero-pulse/pulse-gui/releases/tag/1.1.4

OSX Full Node GUI: https://github.com/electronero-pulse/pulse-gui/releases/tag/1.1.4

Windows Pulsed daemon, pulse blockchain tools and pulse-wallet-cli, pulse-wallet-rpc: https://github.com/electronero-pulse/electroneropulse/releases/download/12.3.6-pulse/pulse-12.3.6_win64.zip

OSX CLI: https://github.com/electronero-pulse/electroneropulse/releases/download/12.3.6-pulse/pulse-12.3.6-osx64_high_sierra.zip

Download and Import the blockchain.raw

./pulse-blockchain-import — batch-size 20000 — database lmdb#fastest — guard-against-pwnage 0

Mobile application:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.notrait.electronero
iOs: https://testflight.apple.com/join/eeKlFRCF

Electronero Pulse Hard Fork finalized on block 510860. Mandatory wallet update is processed with release 12.3.6 — https://github.com/electronero-pulse/electroneropulse/releases/tag/12.3.6-pulse

To open wallets after hard fork 16, regenerate from keys or seeds.


For Electronero Mobile Smart Wallet beta, join https://t.me/etnx to find out how to get on the list!

Huge support from Electronero community, brings attention to a new coin ETNXP which focuses on Games and Gaming integrations.

Electronero Pulse coin was launched as a result of a recent Electronero hard fork. 2 units were inherited from Electronero and roughly 500 billion coins units was the vote for ETNXP. …

Electronero-Pulse is a new virtual cryptocurrency that is being given life due to Electronero’s community demands. We have received feedback indicating the community’s desire to focus on blockchain gaming implementations and partnerships. The options were weighed and a new coin is what we need to be able to achieve those goals. Electronero Pulse will launch as a result of a chain split during the upcoming hard fork of Electronero.
Electronero-Pulse will operate on the Electronero Network and Electronero holders will be awarded Electronero-Pulse coins. Electronero-Pulse will offer Electronero users a 1:1 claim from a hard fork genesis and feature all of…

Electronero Pulse

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