Eminent PCB Reverse Engineering Demands Expertise in Your EMS Partner

The science of reverse engineering a printed circuit board (PCB) is an art in itself. It is a process that demands skill, time, and dedication. And the most important aspect of reverse engineering is the years of experience that a specialist puts into learning and performing the entire process. Boards and circuits are complicated with obsolete components, and it is mandatory to know exactly why a circuit has been designed in a certain way before you jump into reverse engineering your PCB or electronic circuit boards. Professional reverse engineering services play an important role and must be taken into serious consideration.
Clone and Copy the IC’s with Caution
Programmed integrated circuit (IC) forms the heart of the modern electronic system. So, while reverse engineering a PCB, the most important step is to clone or copy the IC’s. But be careful to proceed with it only when you are sure enough that you are not breaching any IP or patents, as PCB or IC is proprietary code and can cause legal issues.
Simplifying and adding Functionality to IC’s
The science of duplicating the programmed IC is to extract the machine code (often called the Hex code) from the original programmed circuit, and then writing this code onto a new IC. Remember, this is the most critical step in order to build a duplicate PCB. With time, electronics have become more complicated. And thus, designers employ integrated circuits to simplify and then add functionality to a circuit. For example, designers often use Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) to remove several logic gates from the circuit by building them on one chip. This helps in saving time, cost, and circuit board components.

The Rationale Backing Reverse Engineering
Reasons to reverse engineer a circuit board are many. One of the most important among them is the fact that industries have machine systems that are highly expensive and can go down simply because of one component. Since a company invests this huge sum of money in procuring the machine system, they use it for many years. In most of the cases, it so happens that the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) goes out of business while their machine is running. Now this highly expensive machine system is left without no support or ability to repair it. In several such situations, it has been observed that around 15, 20, or even 30 years after the machine was installed, all that is wrong with it is one or two PCBs need to be repaired or replaced.

Achieving the difference with Professional Expertise 
This is where and when a professional EMS provider comes into play. They are experienced and skilled in reverse engineering the board allowing companies to have spare parts and support for circuit boards that have become obsolete years ago. Not only can they upgrade the board allowing the factories to add extra feature while changing the current ones, they also replace parts that have become obsolete with modern PCBs and components that allow easy repair in future and better support.

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