Reverse Engineer a Schematic From a Circuit Board

The project how reserve engineering a schematic from a printed circuit board is a result of needing to service a domestic electronic item without being able to obtain a circuit diagram. The process seemed to be quiet lengthy and meticulous, however, the result is rewarding. The methods presented here might not be exact, but with no doubt, you will find your own way of working which is more effective in the case of any particular board. But for the majority of boards that are too complex to assuredly hand trace, I assume the basic procedure is essentially accurate. Without the need to simulate the process, things should progress more swiftly.

To draw the board onto squared paper, it is probably better to use pencil and paper for simple boards, replacing elements with their symbols, and alternating track crossing places to avoid components.

This step seems to be very obvious for complex boards. From a simple board the next level of complexity, which is drawable board, would probably be an immeasurable applicant for the tracing methods. There were too many tracks for hand tracing to be reliable at a higher level of complexity and used graphical techniques to describe. These methods arise partly and inadequately sharp.

As a result of this project that completely hidden traces, there is a transistor with its base apparently unconnected, however finding the connection or through hole for it, was completely hidden in some way.

Is your PCB no longer manufactured or you need any replacements or capacity additions? Or lost your drawings and/or schematics from corrupted files?

Reverse engineer It! Reverse engineering of PCB’s is one of our specialities. Our PCB and PCA knowledge with extensive years of manufacturing experience have enabled us to provide optimum PCB Reverse Engineering Services.

Our Reverse Engineering process involves:

· Understanding or studying engineering sketches & specifications

· Feasibility and Electrical analysis of PCB

· PCB material analysis

· Component obsolescence / Replacement analysis

· Dimension analysis / Board outline drawings

· Process variation of reverse engineered board

At PCC, we have a dedicated team of engineers with proficiency and understanding of PCB Reverse Engineering Process. Our engineering expert team follow IPC design specifications and will work on simple to the most complex PCB/PCA projects.

PCC’s PCB Reverse Engineering Services can help you with:

· Obsolete PCB replacement or repair

· Change PCB layout

· Reverse complex multilayer cards

· Recompile microcontroller program and edit source code logic

· Re-engineer an old PCB design to current standards, using new components

· Re-engineering for cost reduction/obsolescence

· Embedded processor/DSP based designs updation

· Reproduce lost or missing PCB or mechanical manufacturing files

· Create new reference designs

A complete manufacturing documentation package will be offered to you under our Reverse Engineering Services. A few of them includes:

· Schematic capture files/Netlist

· Bill of Materials (BOM)

· Fabrication drawings

· Gerber files

· CAD design

PCC has 27+ years of experience in servicing global clients and providing unparalleled project based re-engineering and copying of your printed circuit boards (PCBs). Our comprehensive services include PCB Clone (copy of the schematics and BOM), PCB Prototyping & NPI (produce prototypes for market evaluation or testing) and PCB assembly production (Mass production of PCB or Assembly).

Do you have a printed circuit board that you need to reverse engineer? PCC can help you. Email us at to avail a response in 24 hours.