I discovered the blockchain technology few years ago and in that period of time I knew that one day this will be the future of humanity.Now a days it has been proved through the development of blockchain technology and the enthusiasm of people towards electronic money.Many trading platforms are introduced more recently and there is a cold war for market share.

It has been stated in reports the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges with has a market accrued profit of $300, 0000,000 in the 1st quarter of its inception; it has been used in trades and different cryptocurrency exchanges worth billions of dollars every day but too bad a large share of profit from this exchanges are held by the facilitators of this exchanges with nothing remitted to the traders or community. The HiBTC corrects this anomaly by distributing some of its cryptocurrency exchange profit to its traders and community supporters and members, the HiBTC facilitates a secured, reliable and faster ways to get rewards when holding the HIBT token. HiBTC is revolutionary and a fully operational model that is transparent with its fair credit system, am very sure you are wondering why the HiBTC has the ‘’Hi’’ in it and it is not farfetched because it means support and friendliness. The HiBTC is designed to strengthen and consolidate on the peculiarities of blockchain very first cryptocurrency bitcoin so it offers unique features that allow the use of ETH trading pair in the HiBTC platform; it has a value proposition that offers:

The security of funds during exchange within the HiBTC platform users security are seen as paramount so the HiBTC platform uses a multilayer kind of firewalls, hot-cold money isolation bag programs to fully use the security of HiBTC user assets. The HiBTC security peculiarities are further capitalized upon by the collaboration it has with other unique security outfit.

Revenue sharing mechanism of HiBTC makes it very unique and highly innovative it uses its HIBT token in which users of the token in the platform can be rewarded for holding this HIBT token, half of the HIBT token is disbursed to community members and traders, in other words HiBTC offers a better earning opportunity to its users and community members with an innovative process that is regarded as trading mining.

Prompt transaction structure makes the HiBTC value proposition very high in that it allows for faster and higher capacitive transaction, the HiBTC is designed to seamlessly handle about 2,000,000 TPS (transactions per second)
It is pertinent to also note that the HiBTC community is neither made of board of directors neither is it made up of management, it is simply an initiative developed by a team of tested and trusted technicians with an utmost duty to serve fully the interest of the platform, the team of technicians also enjoy similar opportunities and dividend given to other members of the HiBTC community, the platform gives every member the privilege to make cogent decisions using their HIBT token but the voting processes of accepting this decision by members of the platform is facilitated by smart contract voting and also the processes of distributing the proceeds based on the percentage of the HIBT held by community members.

Transparency and right sharing model of the HiBTC exchange is all encompassing because it allows its platform users a decision making rights i.e. a user who holds 10% or more of the HIBT token as it over circulating quantity can seamlessly suggest a digital currency (cryptocurrencies) to be duly listed in the HiBTC, it also ensures that the sole right of making decisions in the HiBTC platform will be that of the HIBT token holders. We also have mechanism for publicizing and verification of transactional data, mining data, income data and voting data.


HiBTC will set up a prize pool growing in size along with the exchanges growing incomes. HiBTC shall put the 100% of the daily dividend of the account “Holder Shared Fund” into the bonus pool, every day before someone trigger the price. Once the pool is triggered, the HIBTs trading contributors of the day will be distributed all prize in the pool.

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Exchange Link: https://www.hibtc.com
Whitepaper: https://www.hibtc.com/om/about/en-us/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiBTC_Exchange
Telegram: https://t.me/www_HiBTC_com1

Writer’s details;

bitcointalk thread User Name: eleesha

bitcointalk thread link : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2377790



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