How To Choose Or Get A Perfect Cufflink?

It is a tool for fastening the shirt cuff and it is an alternative to the buttons commonly sewn into the shirt cuffs. The striking feature is that cufflinks are objects that sew into the shirts and they are easily removable. Cufflinks are available in various shapes, size, and style. They offer a little more contrast than a button and is regarded as an ornamental option. They are made of a variety of materials like glass, stone, leather, or other materials. Based on the design of the front section, cufflinks are made secured via toggles.


Different Types of Cufflinks

There are dozens of variations and here below is some of the classified cufflink variety –

Whale Back Cufflinks — It is the most common type of cufflink having a flat head and a “whale tail” that flips completely. They are very simple to use and have a closing mechanism.

Bullet Black Cufflinks — It is similar to the white tail cufflinks but the closing mechanism is a narrow cylinder of metal. Also, the post is a hollow frame and the cylinder is flipped outward.

Stud or Button Style Cufflinks — This type of cufflink has no hinge mechanism with a smaller head which is tilted through the bottom hole. They are quite secure and durable.

Chain Style Cufflink — It has two heads connected by a short length of chain. This is creating loose fastening with visible decorations.

Ball Return Cufflink — They have a curved post with a small and heavy ball opposite to the decorative head. They are expensive and the size of the ball adds to the material cost.

Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks — It uses a hinge mechanism in which the cufflink swings open and the smaller end is slipped through the opening. It has a contemporary style with easy to use the feature.

Knot Cufflinks — They are similar to chain links with two heads connected by a flexible, soft cord rather than metal.

Ways to Choose Perfect Cufflinks

· Take a look at your shirt collection and select the cufflink according to the color combination.

· One of the other guidelines for selecting the cufflink will be simplicity. The shape and color of the cufflink often describe the owner’s personality.

· Be careful before buying the cufflink as they are more prone to easy damages. Check the cufflink for any damage and be totally sure of the cufflink before paying for it.

· According to the events adjust the cufflinks. When going for a business meeting use silver color cufflinks with contemporary design. During a casual event, use the cufflink made of thread.

· Also, the user can choose and adjust the cufflink according to the tie. Make sure that the tie color fits with the cufflink color.

Cufflinks can be worn with single cuff, which looks just like a regular buttoning dress shirt’s cuffs with holes on both the sides. French cuffs have two holes on either side of the opening. It fastens a shirt by sliding through holes on either side of the cuff swinging. Montegrappa cufflinks are one of the best cufflinks with a variety of options and colors. Choose the cufflink accordingly suiting the dress and the event.