Some may say, this whole world is going crazy. No matter where you step, somebody’s talking about decentralized technologies and opportunities they offer. Blockchain adoption is everywhere, indeed. These days, it offers a new techno-economic model that will help improve the world economy. Projects like a transport blockchain pilot for the Port of Rotterdam can eliminate pesky “red tape problem” that lasts for decades. And that’s only a start!

In this piece, we’re starting a new series of articles about blockchain adoption. It’s about time to figure out why blockchain adoption goes viral and how to keep up with a…

Some of you, guys, may recall our blog story about the value money can buy. Yep, all we need money, alright! Now, here’s another news for you: crypto cash can be even more “heavyweight” as it offers a range of solutions to bank the unbanked. The reason is, accepting cryptocurrency has every chance to reduce the poverty level. Follow the story to learn more about the great “Crypto vs Poverty” stand-off.

Bitcoin versus Poverty

For many people seeking a chance to improve their economic conditions, Bitcoin and the most common altcoins can be a true gift. Blockchain technologies underlying modern cryptocurrencies have enough…

Looking for advantageous technologies that could make your company more competitive, eh? If so, Elegro team is there to lend support to your business. Our White Label program allows to slap your brand’s name on the A-grade FinTech products developed by Elegro experts. Are you ready to make your brand look like a million bucks? Well, use branded technologies then!

Coin Vaders have turned to the bright side

Indeedy, buying things online with Bitcoin or popular altcoins is getting one of the most natural things in the world. Modern web presents more and more e-commerce platforms accepting crypto coins in exchange for goods and services.

Order food online with P2P cash

For many people seeking a chance to spend crypto online, pizza delivery makes #1 option. Merchants in turn know it well! As a result, these days you can find genuine pizza delivery networks on the web and social media. …

Elegro team cares a lot about customer data (and money) safety. With this in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive set of tools that carefully protect our customers’ “precious.” Let’s take a closer look at them, shall we?

BioID solutions

Elegro’s face recognition and fingerprint identification solutions are powerful anti-spoofing mechanisms preventing payment fraud and identity theft. To login to Elegro Wallet or verify a transaction, you need to be a real person. Someone else’s biometric data won’t work.

“Bitcoin to EUR, pronto!” These days, such a request doesn’t seem crazy to forward-looking folks keeping (partly) their savings in Bitcoin and popular altcoins. It’s funny, but things that seemed a load of baloney a couple of years ago are gradually becoming mainstream. This is particularly true with respect to common P2P electronic cash. For modern crypto owners, investments are no longer the only possible way to benefit from decentralized currencies. As coins get more common, people can use them for retail sales or swap crypto coins for local money. …

Guess what folks, Elegro Personal has got another useful feature you can benefit from! With the latest upgrade, you enable SEPA/SWIFT transfers and get even easier way to buy and sell coins.

From now on, Elegro Personal users can easily:

  • Trade crypto faster wiring money in EUR to bank accounts/wallets;
  • Save money on paying transfer fees;
  • Forget about failed transfers and anxious waiting;
  • Enjoy being crypto investors without being “coin gurus.”

We do care about people trusting us with their businesses. Our experts work hard with you in mind to keep our FinTech solutions up-to-date and user-friendly.

Originally published at on January 9, 2019.

Christmas is almost here and preparations for the holiday season has already started. Our whole Elegro team is excited about the bright period ahead. It’s the right time to share Christmas emotions with people around. You got that right, amigos! Twisted FinTech minds with obsessions about global blockchain technologies, instant international wire transfers, and crypto solutions for retail stores go perfectly with hearts so full of warmth and kindness!

There’s nothing like a happy child smile

They say, the more you share, the more you get in return. This is especially true for human feelings. Sympathy and affection we show can be magical, indeed. As a part…

Elegro team is glad to give you another Elegro Personal Update. Now Elegro Personal holders can take advantage of a fiat wallet to manage both crypto and fiat assets. The new function gives you an opportunity to:

  • buy and sell cryptocurrencies for EUR via exchange;
  • instantly pass KYC procedure to create a bank account;
  • load and withdraw fiat;
  • wire money worldwide using SEPA and SWIFT.

Keep your funds organized with new Elegro Personal!

Originally published at on December 11, 2018.

Elegro team is happy to announce the launch of UK IBAN solution onto Elegro Gateway. Now, using physical UK IBANs Elegro customers can accept money transfers from their clients within SEPA zone. The solution allows to create an unlimited number of UK IBANs on client’s name.

Main benefits UK IBANs offer are:

  • C2B transfers in EUR with no risks of recalls;
  • No minimal and maximal limits on the transfer sum;
  • Simple UK IBAN creation via API or backoffice.

Discover more opportunities for your business growth with Elegro!

Originally published at on December 7, 2018.


Elegro provides a suite of payment solutions for merchants: e-commerce, retail and wholesale enabling acception of fiat or crypto payments…

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