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No big surprise, I guess, that Ms. Hazzard would dump on Maher by conflating his criticism of Islam with racism, given that there has never been even a shred of evidence of him being racist in any real sense. It may seem a clear point to any liberal other than the ThinkProgress crew that “racism” refers to prejudice with regard to skin color and not any given religion or ideology. How disingenuous to continue to try to redefine the term in a way that will serve to repress our freedom to criticize ANYTHING, no matter how toxic, for fear of being labeled “racist.” Using the N word was clearly an unfortunate slip-up for Maher, but to jump from that to claiming that he is prejudiced against blacks is, on its face, ridiculous. This article is a study in using lies and spin to kick a guy when he is down. Maher is one of the bastions of liberal thinking in the media today, and while I don’t agree with his EVERY view, in general, I feel he does represent very well the yearning for freedom of thought and action that is at the heart of true liberalism. ThinkProgress, unfortunately, does not.