More than just light

Picture this:

You’re hunting for your new kitchen and you manage to find one which you immediately fall in love with.

The counter top glimmers, the cupboards and cabinets shine. Everything is set out just where you feel it should be.

This is the one for you. You buy it and it is installed in your kitchen space.

You fix a centre light in the kitchen because lighting is just an afterthought, and voila, your kitchen is covered in shadows and dark patches with not enough luminescence in the right spots.

When designing a house, one of the main aims for everyone is to create a place that will feel like home.

Lighting is a vital element to every living space, however most times it takes the back burner and thus becomes the least important feature on your bucket list when preparing your home.

No matter how much time and money you invest in buying useful furniture and decor to fit your needs and design; without light quality that can help you highlight features of your furniture, it will look as bland as if you bought the most economical furniture available on the market.

While choosing a home with large windows and open spaces will help when it comes to lighting and making use of natural daylight, this may not always be as easy to find.

Artificial lighting helps compensate for this if you use the appropriate fitting for every application. Say your goodbyes to only using those one-off standalone lonely centre pieces.

The multitude of lighting possibilities — be it wall brackets, pendants, floor lamps, surface mountain fittings, recessed fittings and many more — allow you to recreate natural daylight in your home.

Artificial lighting is able to mimic different luminescence, colour temperatures and brightness levels very accurately, whether morning light, bright lighting during the day, or a soft and gentle light that accommodates your free time after work.

Moreover it will add that chic element to your home complementing your decor and daily needs.

Give lighting the centre stage