Mike Carlson
Jul 21 · 1 min read

I dunno, Kris — perhaps you had the good fortune to not be brought up in a punitive, religious context. A tendency toward shame (over anger or fear) may be hard-wired in some people, but I don’t think shame is all that hard to grok. We live in a culture steeped in messages of “you aren’t enough”, “you’ll never measure up”, and “you haven’t earned it”. This is a large part of what I call “internalized capitalism”, a perception that we are all goods to be consumed, looking for others to consume as goods, and there’s nothing that’s not transactional. Mix capitalism and Christianity together, and you have a perfect recipe for shame. I find it difficult to accept that there’s truly anyone in this society immune to these messages. On the other hand, I don’t get anger in the same way you don’t get shame, and yet there are some people who seem to have been angry from the moment they emerged from the womb.

Mike Carlson

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I'm an atypical middle-aged white mountain-man with a strong interest in social justice. I answer to 'intellectual', 'introvert', and 'INFP'.

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