Mike Carlson
Jul 26 · 1 min read

Thanks, Mark. I appreciate your words, and how succinctly and powerfully you follow the thread of how we all got to where we are. I am powerfully lonely, and it’s a defensive mechanism to being a sensitive (as in: empathetic, easily rocked by others' brokenness, but also sensorily highly-reactive) individual, introvert, and man who understands how far outside the man box he is, and always has been. If I don’t engage with other men, I am less at risk of having to weather their damage. And let’s be honest: the kick-the-dog toxicity of man box culture trickles out and poisons everyone, so everyone — women, children, aged, persons of ‘othered’ identities — is lessened, prone to suspicion and paranoia, believing the default state of human beings is to be liars, opportunists, dishonest, conniving, dangerous, etc. simply because the most privileged in our culture model this crippled, dysfunctional, shitty way of being.

Mike Carlson

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I'm an atypical middle-aged white mountain-man with a strong interest in social justice. I answer to 'intellectual', 'introvert', and 'INFP'.

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