Mike Carlson
Sep 17, 2018 · 1 min read

The black-and-white of this essay bothers me. It’s true that America’s guiding principle is a merging of capitalism and sanctimony, and that humanist impulses are a minority influence. But, America has clearly struggled as a society with what I see as the default of capitalism versus the examination of capitalism’s impact on human beings. It’s easy to write something particularly bleak about America as we see the pendulum swing especially wide into cruelty and inhumanity, but I and many others I know are secular humanists, who despair as we exert the small force we can to nudge this Titanic onto a different course. If there’s an overarching truth to what you’ve written, it’s that many of the good things America has brought to light have been reactions against capitalism, or a real desire to see the wrongs it led to made right. I’m hardly one to defend American history and culture, but it has been a trailblazer for both democracy and human rights --just not so much in the last 50 years. ☹

Mike Carlson

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I'm an atypical middle-aged white mountain-man with a strong interest in social justice. I answer to 'intellectual', 'introvert', and 'INFP'.

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