Mike Carlson
Sep 21, 2018 · 1 min read

Umair, I am grateful that you write what you write, however painful and depressing it is to read. If nothing is said, how will anything ever change? I am reminded that many of the amazing, communal things I see going on in technology (one of the best areas to be employed in modern-day America, but also one of the most ruthless) are based in Europe, not the U.S. — The Document Foundation is a great example.

One bit of advice: when you are writing about a topic this alien and alienating, you have to take special care with grammar and proofreading, as such mistakes will be used by many to invalidate your otherwise excellent ideas. Your name and some of the odd grammatical mistakes you make suggest you are not a native English speaker. I advise you both proofread and have a native speaker help with editing.

The question I’m left with is simply: how are we to escape? Become leavers and urchins, nomadically living on the fringes and leftovers and waste of capitalism? I have started writing a piece on what I call ‘internalized capitalism’ : the insidious effect of living in such a grotesque environment, where we brutally judge ourselves, withhold mercy and kindness and generosity from ourselves, which unavoidably means we are crippled in extending the same to others; and we become a society sustained primarily by schadenfreude and the murmur of 'there but for the grace of God go I’. This is not what I want, so how does the moral and decent individual make this deal with capitalism’s Mephistopheles?

Mike Carlson

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I'm an atypical middle-aged white mountain-man with a strong interest in social justice. I answer to 'intellectual', 'introvert', and 'INFP'.

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