The “More-ness” of Privilege
Joel Leon.

While I respect your perspective, I feel confident in saying that this behavior is not a result of being a certain race or gender. I am a white woman who recognized this trait in many different people from many different walks of life over my formative years. As a young person, I respected it and aspired to be more like that. I saw this behavior primarily in one of my best friends of 20+ years, a first generation Latin-American woman. She still wins in the category of boldness despite my progress. I noticed that she almost always asked for what she wanted, despite the eye rolls from those around her, and almost always got it. Those in her company often benefited from this approach to life. I couldn’t understand why I felt ashamed, embarrassed, guilty asking for what I wanted. It all really comes down to confidence and that is not a inherent gift dependent on race. I eventually learned how to (politely, kindly) ask for what I want. I have confidence that can too.

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