By Janie Ryan @janiemryan

The fashion industry is no stranger to controversy. From outsourced labor to overflowing sales racks, brands across the board have been accused of having a “bottom line” mentality, squeezing suppliers for every penny and privileging quantity over quality.

But that’s all starting to change. Conscious consumerism is in. More and more clothing brands are calling for a common standard of doing business that protects the earth and garment workers. …

The 90’s called, and they don’t want their supply chain back. Companies are now looking to cloud, big data, robotics, blockchain, and other new technologies to manage their end-to-end supply chain. But where does AR fit into all this?

So far, augmented reality has given us fashionably-questionable glasses and the ubiquitous puppy Snapchat filter. But we haven’t even seen the full benefits of the technology (unless you consider seeing yourself as a tongue-wagging dog the pinnacle of scientific achievement). Could AR provide solutions to challenges in our global supply chain? We certainly think so.

Here are a few ways augmented…

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Everyone wants to be healthier. But there’s a reason 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail: oftentimes, the less healthy options are just so much more appealing. Watching another episode in the comfort of home instead of donning restrictive workout clothes and driving to the gym. Reaching for a cookie instead of that suspicious-looking bag of kale chips in the office kitchen.

Healthy eaters will tell you that wholesome food tastes better than junk food, once you’ve detoxed yourself from all the addictive salts and sugars that are so common in the latter. But for many people, addiction isn’t the only…

In honor of World Poetry Day, we asked our employees to submit their own haikus about what we do best here — supply chains.

Let’s have a look at some of the best responses—maybe they’ll have you contemplating the serene beauty of an optimized supply chain:

forget all the plans

demand spikes and labor strikes

it’s ops; sh#t happens

Is it just me or does food just taste better when it’s ordered off of the secret menu? This clever marketing tactic is definitely working on me, and it’s working on many others. As it turns out, many secret menu orders are more popular than regular menu items. But where does the inspiration for these mysterious meals come from? And how do companies prepare for unanticipated spikes in demand?

Starbucks, Chipotle, In-N-Out, Jamba Juice…the list of establishments offering items off a secret menu goes on. Today, there are entire websites devoted to divulging the secrets behind these, well, secrets. The…

Kylie Jenner’s lip kit — a liner and lipstick duo designed to give lips a selfie-ready pout — sold out within minutes after it was launched. Social media hype had made the product a must-have for beauty fans before it even hit the shelves, and a new trend was born.

Makeup lovers today are changing up their looks faster than you can pencil in an eyebrow. To meet demand for fast roll-out of new products, makeup brands have to react to trends across their operation: sourcing materials, production, transportation, and distribution. …

Nintendo, technology and…. cardboard?

Side ponytails, shoulder pads, and Nintendo took the 80’s by storm. But while the former have (rightfully) fizzled from the face of pop-culture, Nintendo has not. Now, the gaming giant’s latest device, the Nintendo Switch, is putting a spin on traditional consoles by pursuing entertainment at the intersection of high-tech and old-school.

Image: Nintendo

Since its release in March of last year, the Nintendo Switch has received a warm reception from pundits within the gaming community, breaking numerous sales records and quickly becoming the fastest-selling console in U.S. history.

Described by Nintendo as the system that can be played “anytime, anywhere, and…

By Janie Ryan @janiemryan

Is that USDA Organic or Oregon Organic or Portland Organic?

It’s just all across the board organic.The chicken you’ll be enjoying tonight, his name was Colin. Here are his papers. They do a lot to make sure that their chickens are very happy.

When you say “they”, I mean… who are these people raising Colin?

If you’re a fan of Portlandia, you might recognize this exchange between a picky diner and her server. …

Get an inside look at the industry that produces equipment for the fairway.

The golf world’s biggest brands invest a tremendous amount of time and effort into researching, developing, and manufacturing club sets, balls, and bags — a fact which is often overlooked by the average golf enthusiast.

In reality, the golf equipment industry is sustained by a complex supply chain that involves a variety of different moving parts scattered across the globe. In a highly competitive industry burdened by fluctuating consumer demand, those who are able to create custom-made gear the fastest are the ones who come out on top.

The Manufacturing Process

The dimpled white exterior of a golf ball masks a compositionally-sophisticated interior…

This Valentine’s Day, consumers are expected to celebrate by spending $18.2 billion on treats like flowers, champagne, and of course — chocolate.

While it might seem like a simple enough treat, manufacturing chocolate is anything but simple. How exactly do manufacturers turn a bitter white bean from a tropical tree in West Africa into a rich brown Valentine’s Day truffle?

Join Elementum News in exploring the precious (and precarious) supply chain of chocolate.


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