Are Russian women open to marry foreign husbands even if they are not from USA or EU?

Elena Miro
Dec 6, 2019 · 2 min read

I’m Eastern European women dating coach for many years and former mail order bride, so I can share my experience and point of view concerning countries where Russian or Ukrainian women want to go for living and consider marriage. 99% of women who think about marriage with foreigner will prefer EU countries or US/ Canada. Reasons are obvious — high level of life in such countries and close mentality, religion( it matters a lot)

If we don’t speak about US and EU countries, what is left are Asia, Australia, Africa and southern America. These countries are far from Ukraine/Russia not only by distance, but, what is the most important, by mentality and culture.

Religion plays important role, as it describes the role of woman in the family and society and family traditions overall. I know few unhappy stories when Russian/Ukrainian women married to Muslim guys from UAE and Turkey. These women are not happy but for now they are hostages of their decisions. It’s difficult to build a family if your basic values and traditions are completely different. It should be very submissive woman from outbacks in Russia or Ukraine. Who will accept other culture and different rules of life.
I don’t think that self sufficient and well-educated woman from Russia or Ukraine dreams about living in Tunisia, Algeria, Cuba, China, Argentina , Mexico etc. But if you are rich and educated quite enough — love story might happen .As it’s going to be some kind of compromise for woman. And who knows? It’s life.

Elena Miro

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Eastern European women dating coach at Bringing two words together 💕

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