How does the Russian dating culture differ from Western dating culture?

Elena Miro
Jan 6 · 2 min read

Russian dating culture is different from American or Western European. If you are going to date Russian or Ukrainian woman you should know these nuances. Russian dating is a bit old school. Here you have to recall how to be a gentleman and after — never forget about it. And, also you need to know this:

  • Usually man is initiator of contact and dating in Eastern European countries. Man approaches a woman first, he writes first, he asks her number first and it’s he who invites girl for a first date(and second and third date too…). On this initial stage man is expected to be purposeful and a girl — is a bit cold and indifferent. In fact, she checks this way whether you are interested in her seriously or not. So if you like her — be persistent. If she said NO for the first time, you need to ask second time. As we say in Ukraine: “if a woman says ‘NO’, that means ‘YES, maybe later’ ”
  • You invite her for the first date somewhere in cafe or restaurant( not your home, of course). You can order her a taxi, meet in the city center or pick her up from her home. You open doors (everywhere), you help her to take her coat off and everything that would a real gentleman do in a such case. Very important: you pay for coffee, lunch, dinner or whatever. If you don’t pay — it’s your last date or you will hit a friend zone.
  • Man should show his continuous interest for this girl — calls, text messages, gifts, flowers, compliments and good acts. Ask her about everything, entertain her and show your strong features. Sex usually comes after 3rd date or later.
  • Usually, Russians/Ukrainians people can date ( going for dates) from 2 weeks to few months, after they start to live together. Like family test-drive. Man is provider and breadwinner. Woman takes care of home, cooks food and develops their relationship. After 6 month — 1 year of living together they get married usually and give a birth to kids(depends on age).

If we compare to western culture of dating, in russian-ukrainian dating culture men act more active and giving and women are more passive and receiving. Its a man who courts a woman, and woman let him do it. In other words, the russian(ukrainian) dating culture is like a fine old movie, that we all love to watch on the couch.

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