What are the perks of dating a Russian girl?

Elena Miro
Jan 26 · 2 min read

Lets imagine that you are lucky to date Russian/Ukrainian woman. How would it look? What are the benefits and so special about it? Why everyone wants to date Russian or Ukrainian woman? So here is a list of perks I made for you, that would sounds like an advertisement more ;-)

  1. She is just perfect. Russian woman knows how to be your perfect woman, it is in her DNA. She intuitively feels your needs, as she was raised to be a woman. This does not apply to all Russian women, but majority of them who know how to treat you so you will be happy ( great sex included))) It’s just a huge plus.
  2. Feminity and beauty. It’s specific feature of women from Easter Europe. Russian or Ukrainian, no matter, they have high standards for their beauty. They know how to be beautiful and seductive. You will be proud to have such a woman and your co-workers will envy you.
  3. She is a WOMAN. Not your partner or unisex creature. She is a woman. You can smell it, see it and feel it! You don’t have to fight at home for sharing responsibilities or who earns more. You feel as a real powerful man next to feminine woman. Your home will be a place for relaxation and happiness. She will take good care about it.
  4. She will choose you, not her career. Family is priority for Russian women. They take care of husband and kids. It’s their career mostly.
  5. They are loyal. Russian women don’t tend to cheat on their husbands. If you are good husband for her, you don’t have a reason to worry.
  6. Great personality with good values and faithful friend. It’s a rare thing now, especially in western world. Russian wife is a woman who gives you bullets behind your back, so you could shoot your enemies- it’s how we say about good wives.
  7. She will be your motivation. With her you will be able to do more, you will earn more and you will be the better version of yourself. You will always know that there is a person who loves you and supports you a lot. Having such person in life will give your wings.
  8. Intelligence and humor. A lot of Russian women are well educated and curious , they can support a lot of topics and be a good advisor to you.

I can continue with even more perks, but I guess it was mentioned enough. Have you ever dated Ukrainian or Russian girl? Please share your experience with me and let me know what bonuses I forgot!

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Eastern European women dating coach at datingsecrets.eu. Bringing two words together 💕

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