What did I learn in previous relationships?

Elena Miro
Jan 1 · 2 min read

Looking back on my relationship experience and experience of my friends I made few essential conclusions, that I want to share with you:

  1. Always stay independent. You should have something of yours( especially for women). Real estate, career, friends, interests.If your partner leaves you will not stay on the road. As well you will be able to leave so you can afford not to tolerate his/her bad behavior
  2. Never melt in your partner. It is called co-dependent relationship. He or she is not the center or sense of your life, but just part of it. Always live your life!
  3. Always stay yourself. Be yourself no matter what. Express your personality and your needs, dreams, wishes …Do not agree with something you can’t stand. Do not change yourself for someone, change for yourself. With time you will get tired of playing “the perfect you” role.
  4. Languages of love and sexual appetite play very important role in your relationship. Always discuss it with your partner in the beginning.
  5. Your needs, expectations, responsibilities and money issues should be discussed as well.
  6. If you need something — say, if you don’t know something — ask, if you want to share your emotions — express them. Communicate! We don’t live in each other’s head. Usually nobody wants to hurt us intentionally. It’s mostly our decision — to be hurt or not.
  7. If you are externally happy now at the moment, it will pass. If you are in depression and think that life has no sense anymore, it will pass as well… You are married or single, it’s all temporary. Live in the moment. As the next moment your life may change completely.
  8. Love with your heart but take decisions with your head. Let your emotion cool down and only after decide something. If you have doubts — take your time.
  9. Have your own space and give space to your partner. Being together 24/7 will kill your relationship.
  10. Life is a journey. Life changes. The biggest loss can turn into your biggest achievement. Love yourself as you are. We come alone into this world and leave it alone. So learn how to be a best friend to yourself and enjoy being yourself. Be happy as you are.

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Eastern European women dating coach at datingsecrets.eu. Bringing two words together 💕

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