This is The Best Way to Easily Improve Your Life, Backed by Research
Patrik Edblad

The crude illustration put me off, as well as the line “Never throne without reading something of educational value.” This particular advice strengthens multi-tasking, which, research shows, leads to stress and to poorer memory, among other ills. (See “Slowing Down Life” by H. Taylor) Where does multitasking end? Will we hear, “If your bowel movements are long and you may not be in the mood to read, place nearby pencils and Sudoku puzzles?” A different advice would be to say, “Live the now” — yes, even at the throne. It is healthier, it is more holistic. (NOTE: Unfortunately, research can be found and threaded together to prop up your position as well as the contrary position. Statistics are never a substitute for a good philosophy of life.)