10 Wine Packaging Trends to Consider in 2019

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The industry of the wine is continuously updating, new tastes and brands are appearing on a daily basis. This is because the consumption of alcohol has more users with an increase in the population. Here are the trends of the wine packaging, expecting in 2019. The companies are switching towards these tactics and curious about the packaging.
1. The QR code on bottles for checking its manufacturing date, ingredients, and expiry
QR code placement is awareness for the customers. They simply scan the codes and able to check the manufacturing and expiry dates. Moreover, this also distinguishes brand versus fake production of the wine. So it is advised by the packaging expert to place a QR code on every single box.
2. Double insulation of the inside bottles
A Germany company has introduced the first time the double layer wine bottle, this is totally unique in the industry. This double layer actually retains the beverage temperature below and it remains cool. This special type of bottle has a long hours cooling impact and it is liked by cold conscious persons in the USA. It has diminished the need of the fridge, even if the consumer forgets to put back the bottle in the fridge. German winery Wasem has already adopted this unique style of packaging.
3. Flatten designs for the bottles
Garcon wine has introduced a flat design bottle shape in the UK. This is totally recycling able material made bottle and contains 750ml of the liquid. This innovation has revolutionized the wine packaging boxes. Such bottles are packed in the cardboard made material sleeve boxes and built of hard plastics.

4. Black and White is a simple and appealing design

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This contrast color combination is appealing in look, the trend of sleeve cartons for the beverages is increasing. The inner layer made up in black color and the external layer is in white color. Most of the companies adopted this set of design in 2019.
5. Digital printing
In 2019, we have 80% switched in digitalization. This means a computer-generated work; it involves the use of electronic devices behind the production of custom wine boxes production. This involves the designing of the images, the appearance of the bottle labels and digital printing. The trend of this printing provides more opportunities for customization and personalization. Contrary to this, mechanical and outdated methods of printing for wine bottles require more time, more energy and less accuracy. Many companies in the USA have switched from analog machines to the digital machines in the last few years.
6. Personalized packaging
In 2019, the trend of personalization is inherited from 2018. People want more personalized packaging. The initiation of the digitization has open new doors of personalization. The marketers found a better ROI on such cartons. Actually this a forceful method to promote the products, the best examples of personalization are
a. Coca Cola marketing camping to place the custom name on the bottles
b. Frito-Lay campaign to put the face of the on potato chips packets.
c. Bud Light, it is a company that is printing football teams on wine cans
7. Bold colors and effects
The new color standards are introduced in the industry; the designers are switching from CMYK to the Panton color system. This trend is expected to overcome all other colors system in the states. Moreover, the trend of luxury holder’s styles in bold colors is trendy in 2019. The bold colors and dramatic effects on the cartons stand you out in the competition of the products. Ultimately, the overall sale of a product boosts.

8. Flexible packaging
This trend has replaced the trend of rigid containers, as per the Flexible Packaging Association, the USA consumes $135 billion of the total packaging industry. And flexible material is the second number in the list.
9. Vintage packaging
Vintage packaging has renewed the old trends; it is reflecting yesterday values. It is expecting that these styles would be trendy during 2019.
10. Green packaging
The environment protection is also inherited from 2018, but it is expected that during 2019 more people will conscious about the green packaging. This is because of the new campaigns initiated in 2019 pertaining to environment effect and packaging is top in the list of the factors.

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