Interesting Little-Known Facts About the Blockchain

Elena Jefferson
Nov 20 · 1 min read

The world of cryptocurrencies is huge and diverse. They are very popular among many people. In addition, all cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, which allows investors and exchange speculators to play at different rates and earn real money.

Fact 1. The identity of the creator of Bitcoin has not yet been disclosed. The legendary creator of the first cryptocurrency under the pseudonym Satoshi. Until the end, it is not known who it really is. There is a version that Satoshi Nakamoto is a collective way, for which a whole team of programmers stands. Most likely, the identity of the real creator will remain a mystery.

Fact 2. Blockchain technology can be used not only for financial purposes, but also for scientific purposes. For example, using distributed computing, you can carry out scientific research that requires huge costs. Data center

Elena Jefferson

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