Be Good for Good Food Club!

We are going to devote the next Good Food Club to craft beer and snacks to it. We are so fond of the idea that we also want to bring сraft beer to the business club on September 27th. Why? Because tasty good beer is a good thing for the Russian climate and character. Сraft beer represents a wide range, including Scottish and other ales. Beer and ale are loved all over the world not only to drink, but also to produce by hand, in small breweries.

For grown-up men, this is a hobby, they gather in a friendly company on weekends in their own small breweries and spend hours enjoying joint creativity, discussing all the news, trends. For today, craftsmen are engaged in crafted beer, and brewing has prospects for development.

But the main thing is that love is put into this business. And the love invested in the cause gives the best result — it is proved by the whole history of the world brands. Therefore, it is good and right to serve good craft beer in the business club. And we must remember that the revival of all economies after all crises always begins with a handicraft, in which love and personal talent have been invested. Then competencies get developed, and the craft turns into a mature business. But .. in order to avoid a go into crisis again, it is important not to betray the living talent with which it all began, and it is important that competencies have being developed in balance, giving a place to all types of intelligence.

Love in business opens up all untapped resources. Any result with love makes a business a favorite. And in your favorite business, all actions bear fruit.

Good. But in the club we serve not only drinks, but also a good snack. Choosing a snack for a good craft beer is a real challenge. Snacks by the idea should also be crafted .. And we, of course, go to a restaurant where the snack is done by hand, with love and talent .. Yes, that’s right, we go to a restaurant where they know how to make a snack for a good beer. .. But it’s not so easy to choose. I’m not a cook, exactly. So we look through the Internet and find out what they serve in general to beer. And then let’s think about what will fit to us. Creative talanted people want to have pleasure always and in everything, and when it comes to choosing snacks for beer, you can lose your head from the diversity ..

For today, hundreds of options are known to serve a snack for beer. Firstly, personally, oddly enough, I am attracted by a light Pad Thai. And recently in Moscow there was a festival of Thai cuisine, there was a great variety, it is available for today. I like light snacks, they can be served both hot and cold, it’s delicious.

Secondly, of course, marinated lamb comes to mind. There are many variations of the marinade .. But skewered lamb with beer — it’s always a perfect match! Skewers Meat Festival recently took place in Moscow, we could see a wealth of choice. And to do joint beer+skewers festivals is a wonderful lot of promising idea, maybe! But now we are talking about a club event, so be sensible — let the lamb combine with a lighter snack.

The third dish that comes to mind is the fish, of course. European beers, in which there are subtle notes of lemon, pepper and rye, go well with grilled fish and seafood. Here there can be sauces that organize the balance of salinity and oiliness.

But the fish to the lagers can be served in almost raw state, like sashimi, with salad dressing based on onions and vinegar.

Now, what comes to mind not so immediately, but it is also very tasty. How about a duck to a dark ale? The rich fatty taste of the duck balances the bitterness of hop, and the malty background of the beer goes well to the smoky notes of the roasted duck. For once, but it must be tried!

And what about grilled veal ribs to a porter? Ribs give an easy sweetness, and it goes well to the malt of the porter, supplemented with dark caramelized sugar. The porter sometimes has roasted malt. Grilled veal and roasted malt are the most natural combination. Roasted malt also well removes the feeling of heaviness of beef fat.

And you will be surprised, or maybe not, but light fruit pies are also excellent for beer. Fruit pies do not have to be sweet, but crunchy dough and fruit juice complement the beer and give a surprisingly pleasant symphony. There may also be ripe dark olives.

And you will be even more surprised when you learn that banana pudding is also served to beer. But, rather, it comes to the red ale, such a ladies option.

And of course, how not to say about cheese. Many kinds of cheese have being well eaten while drinking beer.

Now we need to choose what snack we want to be served in the Good Food Club. The popularity of good craft beer is gaining momentum here. And there may be not one event, but a whole series. And there may be several restaurants in Moscow that are able to offer a good snack to beer. We are already looking forward, and a little dizzy from the prospects and expectations. But, folk, I want to say only one thing — be happy doing what you do, and success will come by itself! For health!

Elena Buran,

Positive Energy Framework,

it’s me, on the right