My feelings about the passing year 2017 and the coming 2018

First of all, I thank God for everything that He showed me, taught me and gave me as a child that I was happy, successful and healthy.
I was recognizing that the relationship of love begins deep in the heart, where rationality and any calculations do not live. But all the correct calculations and rationality become allies of love and only confirm and show better solutions.

The relationship of love encompasses and fills the soul, enabling me to think boldly of things I would never have thought of and would never do if it were not for love. Everything has a life cycle. Relationships can be completed in their active form, but what has been invested in relationships honestly and sincerely — always brings benefits that becomes visible in the next segment of life. Love always gives the best fruits to the one who loves.

In the outgoing year, there have been abrupt changes, but all of them are for the better, in the end, as I am faithful to what deep in my heart allows me to live, breathe and create. I know that God is with me, through every person who said and did for me what was needed, necessary, kind and useful in right time, about which I knew, but the person himself or herself might not even know.

I also thank those who wanted and felt what was needed to be done, but did not do. Because refraining from the wrong step requires even more love and energy and intelligence than sometimes to take the right step. But if you get the experience to act actively in the spirit of love, this is an incomparable happiness of co-creating. Men look like winged angels, and women look like huge glowing and vibrating lotus flowers, to see and feel it are the best moments of my life. And I had these moments. And I will have such moments even more in the coming year. Why? Because the one who puts and invests love always gets fruit. We can be angels and lotuses when we love.

And I thank all people who love and choose love and choose the path of love, this requires courage, but it’s worth it. The path of love leads me and you through life, with all its secrets and hidden surprises and even dangers. You take this risk with your eyes open and come to win by the end, so that this end will become a new beginning. Remember, when the person with whom you communicate, does not want or cannot endure to give you time to say what is really important to you, then when the time comes to trust and act, this person will also not be able to endure and give you time to understand what you are doing.

Immediately stop communicating with anyone who does not know the essence of you, but tries to give out wishes for reality, puts your success and your future into dependence on his or her own weaknesses or whims, push and press on you. Run away from any attempt of manipulation, because your happiness and your success belong only to God and to you when you are faithful to Him.

Any truth that first comes as a feeling, an inner living intuitive feeling, gets confirmed at the end of a single life cycle in the form of quite material results, as a test or analysis or counting given. The like attracts like, and the investment returns, as the energy of the spirit, light images of the soul, means and money. And will be multiplied in the coming year, because it is invested honestly in the outgoing one.

I thank God that everything I sincerely aspired and prepared for came to me exactly as best, leaving me the freedom to serve God and show love for people. What seemed indisputable turned out to be multi-variant. And where I saw only one door, there was a lot.

I thank God for giving me to see and enter into communication with a company that has developed the purest and most honest policy and procedure of work that does not allow any manipulation and impiety. Blocking any substitution of a healthy attitude towards people, which puts health at the center of all aspects in all aspects, as a condition for their happy and successful development. By giving the necessary nutrition to all that is healthy in human in the form of products. Considering competencies as different forms of showing love for partners, employees and consumers. And now this is my company, which gives me the opportunity to build a community of people with the same values.

Any lie is cursed by God and hated by people, and will be destroyed. Please remember this, and never try to maintain conversation or communication by using a lie or accepting a lie from another person.

I thank the people of my company and all friends, all partners, all colleagues who wish happiness, success and health to people, not only in words but making products, creating communities and whole structures in which love can live as the will to live as the basis of happiness and the key to success.

I wish prosperity to all who accept love as truth in all its richness of possibilities and diversity of probabilities!

Today I feel, perhaps, the brightest feelings, as the anticipation of the coming year.

Elena Buran