The Inconvenient Truths About Getting Work Done
Thomas Oppong

Why are you sad? If you act by talent and love, you do not have to do artificial things. The biggest challenge is to stay true to your talent and love, develop competencies, doing what you want and love. Sometimes discipline is necessary, yes, but it does not go to any comparison with when you betrayed your talent and work for a stranger.

So, the clarity of actions leads to the best. Impartial search yields results.
From the proposed choose the best.
Thoughtful in details is the merits of business. The best vision of details promotes the favorite thing.
Success breeds greater success.
The energy invested always will re-come.
Error correction returns energy.
Inspiration indicates the best way.
Life is an exciting game.
The sage finds a new among the known.
Intellectual wealth requires a decision on time. The ultimate sincerity of creativity is the best pragmatism in your favorite business.
Any result with love makes the business a favorite. In your favorite business, all actions bear fruit.
Harmonization of opposites is labor of love. Love coordinates opposites in a business, creating the best prospects again.. and again..
Favorite business in the market has being kept by a beautiful game in which all the movements you got to turn in favor.
Life is the biggest and best training.

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