What are the common HP error codes and how to solve it?

Every printer companies will recommend you to use genuine, branded ink or toner supplies. This ensures that you get quality prints and do not experience unnecessary obstacles. Even when you follow proper instructions for your printer, you might come across issues that need some specific guidance. In case of Support for HP Printer, there are certain error message codes which might appear on the screen. In addition, error codes also denote various printer issues involving either printer hardware or firmware. Some of the common printer failure or error codes in HP Printer Support are mentioned below.

· The printer is displaying a 02 error message — This error code is commonly related to printer cable or driver problems. To fix this issue, at first, turn the printer off and then remove the printer cable either USB or I/O cable. Then, then turn the printer back on which might make the error message disappear. If the problem persists, the main culprit could be a hardware problem. If you need any further assistance, you can call our HP Printer Contact Number.

· Error code 10 — This issue is also known as Supplies Memory error which means that the printer is having difficulty with the toner cartridge chip. It occurs when the machine is unable to read the electronic information or e-label on the print cartridge. As the initial solution, you could try resetting the printer by turning it off and then on. If the problem still exists, you may reinstall the toner cartridge or replace it.

· Error code 11 — This error occurs when your HP Printer is out of paper. To fix the issue, you should simply add sheets to the paper tray. If your printer is not out of paper, then the problem might be with the paper tray or sensor. In that case, you could examine the paper tray for any damage and clean away any kind of build-up in the toner.

· Error code 12 — If this code appears on your printer screen, the toner cartridge is not installed properly. Either a cover is left open or you could have defective cooling fans. You should first check whether the cartridges are installed correctly and make sure that the cover is not open. If the problem still continues after this fix, you may have a hardware problem. For further technical support, you can contact our HP Support Number.

· Error code 40 — This problem occurs when there is difficulty in data transfer which means the connection between printer and computer is broken. As a solution, you could check the connection settings as well as the cable connections. If required, you may even need to check or replace all the cables. If the HP Printer is connected to a network, make sure that the IP settings in the printer and driver has not changed and still match properly. Sometimes pressing SELECT to continue printing might work, but print data could be lost. If this happens, you may simply reprint the missing pages.

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