An interactive interview with Rose Eveleth about the beauties and dangers of experimenting on the line between fiction and nonfiction

’s approach to the future is one of imagination, considered research, and a deep understanding of the dotted line between fiction and nonfiction. Its host, Rose Eveleth, with a degree in ecology, behavior, and evolution, and another in journalism, has an intricate comprehension of the ethics and the…

The latest podcast from Mermaid Palace blurs fact and fiction. It’s not comfortable, and that’s the point.

“Even when you’re telling a true story, there’s some invention.”

A white light falls across Sharon Mashihi’s face as she shifts in her chair to face the camera better. We’re starting to dig into the backstory of Mashihi’s newest fiction podcast, , which reached its conclusion in October. In the…

February’s fiction brings light upon the shores.

2020 continues to serve genuine and fascinating fictions from all over the genre map, and in February, historical fiction, Shakespeare, and darkly comedic realism were particularly shining shores. The number of fiction podcasts being produced at an independent level every month continues to grow in surprising ways, as genre gaps…

Elena Fernández Collins

Audio fiction writer at Bello Collective. Creator of the Audio Dramatic newsletter. Linguistics grad student. @ShoMarq

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