The start of my travel log

Our travel journey did not start smoothly – for one, it took me about 3–4 years to convince my husband that this was the right adventure for us to embark on. Luckily, getting work visas was the part I knew we could do. Hubby has parents who were both born in the UK, so it took him about 2–3 weeks and around $300 to obtain his own legit British Citizenship. Me however, I decided to pursue the illustrious 2 year youth mobility visa, being the young gun that I still am. This took about 2 months, and cost around $1,000. They’ll have you for life no problem, but two years? That’s where things get tricky. This new fandangled visa process now means you only get 30 days to enter the country once you’ve been approved, and within 10 days of arrival you are required to collect your 2 year biometric residence permit (a little card) from your nearest post office. Our next delightful speed bump was my 30 day visa arrived, and advised we needed to be in the UK 5 days prior to Air New Zealand’s scheduled drop off date. To change said drop off date = $1300. So now I’ve needed to spend another $300 and apply for another 30 day visa, so off my passport goes to Manila again. Fingers crossed I get it back. 10 weeks and counting to D (departure) day for our epic one year abroad…..