How To Find Your Own Happiness

Elena Manighetti
Mar 27, 2017 · 2 min read

How happy are you with your current life? Would you change any of it? If the answers to these questions aren’t very satisfying, then it’s time for some deep thinking.

Get a pen and some paper.

Got it? Great. Now think about the five most important things in your life and write them down. These could be, for example, your partner, your career, a hobby, or your health.

Now for every of these things, think: how happy are you with each of them? Write a number from one to ten near each item.

Have you got all the numbers written down? Great. Now sum all the numbers up, multiply them by two, and put a percentage sign after the result.

The percentage you’ll see at the bottom of that piece of paper is your happiness percentage. It represents, roughly, how happy you are right now.

Do you like that number? Or would you like it to be closer to 100%? Let me guess. You want it to grow.

We’ve been taught that happiness is in the small things and that we should learn to be happy, rather than look for happiness. That is only partly true.

Yes, we should be grateful for what we have and recognise that we, and only we, are responsible for our own happiness. However, if you think you aren’t currently achieving your full potential, you shouldn’t settle.

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Think about what the test showed you earlier. Why were those numbers lower than you want them to be?

Are you not seeing your partner enough? Or are you trapped in a loveless relationship? Are you not looking after your health much? Are you working too hard, leaving no time to dedicate to the hobbies you love?

Guess what. All of these things can change. You can change them. You are in full control of your life. And the moment you truly understand this — that you’ve got the power to live the life you really want — will change everything.

So how can you find you own happiness? By finding what makes you feel truly alive, following your dreams, and being fearless and relentless in the pursuit of them.

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If you fancy seeing how I’m fulfilling my own dreams, then head over to Sailing Kittiwake.

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