This is such a patronizing article to women who — God forbid — disagree with you.
James Armato

There are quite a few social issues for the majority of women that clearly you don’t care about and seem to have reduced them to nothing with this crappy inaccurate comment.

Women are paid less in pretty much every industry. This is not a myth, so perhaps you should do some research yourself!

There are laws that limit what men can do with their bodies? Please list a few and let me know if women decided on these laws.

The abortion industry is coming with ways to have more abortions? I am sorry, but this is a stupid assumption. Do you think women are lining up with excitement in front of the abortion clinic? This is not an easy decision, but it’s definitely a good one for young, stupid, unprepared or raped people.

The reason behind the abortion ban is not greed in the abortion industry or even the pro-life movement, which supposedly cares for the unborn. I believe, the reason behind the abortion ban is to keep young women from working class and poverty level parents stay exactly where they are and have no chance for upward mobility for themselves and their many unplanned children. We can assume not all of their children will get a fair shot at good education, but that’s the idea, a brand new working class and less competition for the grandchildren of the men who made these decisions for all women.

By paying taxes for basic sanitary needs, I’m sure she is referring to pads, tampons and similar which cost way more each month than any basic sanitary needs for men. So again, your comment here is inaccurate and annoying! I should know, I have a husband and 2 brothers, so please correct me if I am wrong. On the meantime, Viagra is covered by insurance.

Men need to have maternity leave too. Otherwise this will hurt rather than help working women.

Men are also victims of violent crimes, but these crimes are mostly committed by men not women. So how is that relevant when you are comparing women’s privileges to these of men?

You say men “often” have to prove they have not committed a rape, and yes that happens but not as often. There is at least one molestation or rape crime on the news almost every day. This should tell you that we need to fix something really sick and deeply rooted in our society. Also, when was the last time you heard of a campus boy being brutally raped by a girl?

How do you compare a woman justifying her behavior to authorities after a man has forced himself on her to a man who has to justify himself to a woman he does not desire? One is extremely embarrassing, timely and dehumanizing and the other one requires the words “no thanks, I am not into you.”

Yes, many women breastfeed their babies discreetly only because people shame them. If there were no social restrictions or shaming, a mother would likely breastfeed her baby exactly where she is and exactly when the baby decides he/she wants to eat.

So, we thank Madona, Beyonce, etc. for being objectified, catcalled and sexualized. Who do you thank for showing you how to do that to women?

Yes, men have been catcalled, objectified and sexualized in recent years and for this privilege I am thankful to women and men who speak their minds about gender equality. Many of them are public figures who have written books, spoke openly and empowered women to do, feel and act as they wish rather than fit the traditional mold, which by the way was not designed by, but forced on women.

Yes, lets blame women and gays for body shaming, because straight men have nothing to do with it! Although body shaming of men is also happening nowadays, which I am personally not happy about, but there are a few body shamers I know that deserve a payback.

I don’t know where you are from, but where I am from men are rarely told to dress like gentlemen, while women are constantly told to act like a lady and dress like one. Apparently, spaghetti straps dress/tops and shorts makes boys and men too excited, so my 11 year old (I repeat, 11 year old petite little girl) was not allowed to wear these during summer camp. Do you see how twisted and wrong this is? Who in the world have a problem with a child wearing this type of clothes and why are they allowed near my child? By the way, it’s hot in Florida during the summer!

Even today, in many conservative households children of different genders are not treated equally. Yes, boys are also told to behave, but girls are constantly told to stop being bossy and act like a lady. I have never heard the “bossy” phrase directed to a little boy, although they could be just as bossy. It’s so unfair to little girls as it teaches them to limit themselves in leadership attempts while boys can start developing these important skills from an early age without any rules and restrictions. This is just not cool!

Sadly, not every woman of color, a gay, a transgender is Oprah, Ellen or Laverne Cox. In a world, full of discrimination and intolerance, these people deal with a few extra challenges in addition to the ones you and I deal with on daily basis. I understand you may not care to know, but if that is the case, then don’t comment.

Of course, it’s ok to tell your children that they are beautiful but it’s better to emphasize on what’s in their heads first as the author of this article states. You can surely see how telling a kid that they are beautiful and pretty all the time can influence their mind and make them focus on that only. Parents should tell their children, regardless of gender, that they are smart and invincible and that they can become anything they want to be. Buy girls them airplanes, cars and science kits as toys, not just doll, strollers, dresses and makeup. Let them make their own minds rather than force them into the traditional mold. It’s just not cool to “program” girls like that anymore! By the way, that type of mentality is why most of these girls end up with duck-face-spaghetti-eating selfies on Instagram later on in life.

Yes, the outfit is the first thing people notice, but you forget that we are complex beings with complex brains and should know better than judge a person by the outfit they wear, or skin/gender for that matter.

You said the author of this article has a “victim mentality”. Clearly this is your own way of analyzing the author just by reading this single article. Luckily not everybody agrees with you. I would assume you do not personally know the author and you have no idea of what she is all about. Yes, the tone is a little melodramatic, but I get it. Many women and men (fathers mainly) are frustrated with the recent developments and tone in our country which is why they have decided to speak out. That is their right! If you don’t understand this, then you are exactly the reason they are doing this. Most women work hard to prove themselves as valuable on the workplace and they are tired of being underestimated, underpaid and under-anything by some. Granted, men deal with problems like that as well, but women always have to work harder in order to be taken seriously. My experience at least!

Anyway, enough said. The message from this article is a loud reminder directed to a specific group of people that perhaps needs a reminder; and that doesn’t imply these people cannot think for themselves. Clearly the message is not for people like you who believe that women already enjoy total equality.

And before you start throwing statements of “how good women have it here in the US vs other countries”, remember we don’t owe any gratitude to people like you who clearly never fought for women rights and would rather see us at the bottom. Also, lets not forget that humanity, and this world in general, belongs to and depends on both genders equally, so the rights women ask for already belong to them, they are simply held by scared little men whose defense against a woman is a basic insult. Pathetic! But no worries women nowadays know what their right are and they would get them one way or another. We also have our men right beside us, so we’ll get there eventually, not thanks to comments like yours.

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