I love Romania, but thank God for yoga and meditation II

Namastail bitches!

If you want to discover the first part of the story, click here. Today I ask which one was first, yoga or meditation? I started with yoga and evolved into meditation, but once I grasped both concepts, I wanted to play more with them. As it seems, like in life, there’s a right path here, too.

These are not articles about yoga and meditation per se. These are little details of my coping mechanisms living in Romania. But everything goes hand in hand. Meditation is good for the mind. Yoga is great for the body and both feed the soul.

Like with the chicken and the egg, to understand the yogi-world, you have to know what it means. Yoga means movement and breath. But while yoga — the movement part, consists of asanas, the breath can both mean pranayama time and also meditation without the move.

I practice yoga to wake up muscles and meditate to quiet thoughts. For some it’s logical to do yoga first and then meditate in a comfy posture for a couple of minutes after the asana practice. But there are some people who love to try pranayama exercises first, to quiet the mind. Making your mind sleepy and calm can’t lead to headstands, but you can do ground asanas.

Set a mantra for each practice.

“Do not worry so much, you have a warranty for these things”

This is the story of bad car services in the country where everybody has cars. Old, new, barely working or just released models, in Bucharest cars are a necessity, not a luxury. We don’t have a great public transportation system or bike lines, but during winter I left my car at home and took the tram or walked if I really wanted to achieve something that day and during summer sometimes my husband took the bike. If you live in the city you don’t need them all the time.

Since international brands have promoted the endless guarantee days, Romanians have turned this into their favorite motto and pastime. The latest car trouble is the perfect example. A dumb ass, who doesn’t double check when backtracking from a parking lot, bumped our car. He was sweet in the end.

With the papers resolved we ended at the official car service. The insurance covered the damage and it was meant to be fixed in 3–5 working days. But we also wanted a couple of things changed covered by the eponymous “warranty”.

Some pieces need to be ordered, but why order them when we brought the car in?! No. No, no. Do it the Romanian way, AFTER they fix the car so to prolong the hell. They had the car for two weeks and all they did was fix the little bump. And they fixed it badly.

While waiting for the other pieces to be delivered, we had to pay them another visit to redo some of the painting. It’s like they enjoy seeing our faces. We’d rather they take us out to drinks and dinner before fucking with us over and over again.

The paint job they did was awful. We could’ve done this better in our backyard. And we’re talking about professionals working with insurance companies, not just the neighborhood’s old car service. The latter one would probably do a much better job or at least pay a little more attention now, so we don’t come over and over again because “the fix has 12 months warranty”!

Doggy style yoga to the rescue

Fool me once, shame on you…

This is not the first time it happened. Unfortunately, because there are a lot of people who shouldn’t be driving on the streets, little bumps occur all the time. We have too many cars registered in our neighbor’s country, Bulgaria, because it’s cheaper, way too many children pass their driving license and a lot of grown ups drive without one. This is the land where everything is possible, not America.

A standard procedure that can be done in 3–5 working days, it usually takes us a month. Why? Because you always have to call the official car service to check if they have any updates on your car. They’re too busy to call back. Once a guy actually said that the team is too little, the pay is bad and nobody wants to come work with them because of the hours.

I smiled, did some inside Namastail, and told him this is not an excuse. You signed a contract and if you don’t like it, take it up with your supervisor. Don’t put it on the client’s shoulders who’s paying a lot of money on things to be solved, not on your work frustrations. If you don’t like the job, quit and find another one suited for you. Let this job be for others who might want it more or at least pay me for giving you a therapy session.

These are stories from two different situation. My husband and I aren’t that lucky to have it all passed during the last month. With this car we kind of vowed that second hand cheaper cars would be better for us in the future. Why? Because we invested a lot of money in a new car with personalized details only to receive it a few months after without the set options we paid for.

When we asked what happened with the options we wanted and why we paid for them, the official representative said that they no longer offer those options. All right, not fair, but that’s life, yet why didn’t you return the money or offered something back for that amount? Straight face from them, a smile from us: ‘don’t worry if you don’t have an answer, let’s just use this situation to upgrade the car with an alarm system’.

I have this thing with monkeys and sloths.

And things don’t stop here in Namastail-land. The same guy who whined about his job and likes to be ironic with customers waiting weeks on end to have their cars fixed managed something that had us laughing with crocodile tears. When asked if they checked the water recipient under the hood, because after the impact it was leaking, he answered yes.

I didn’t believed him and asked him to check again by putting some water in it. He said he didn’t want to put water in it, because he doesn’t want to ruin it with plain water. My husband said ‘no worries’ and bought the special liquid from them and poured it in the car’s recipient right in front of the representative. Needless to say it all went down the pavement. Needless to say they ordered it, fixed it a week later and gifted us with a new bottle of special liquid.

Why couldn’t they do it from the beginning? Why when you make mistakes you’re still sassy? Why I keep asking myself these questions?

[These are all stories from the past two years since we’ve had the new car. This little red car has seen the worse this country has to offer from streets, to people and services. No points or fines had to be paid by us, yet we did end up at the police station most of the time because it was the other person’s fault and their only reason was “I did not see you” in plain sunny day. If you don’t see what’s around you, I don’t want you driving in my future children’s city.]

I love Romania, but I love Romanian women more