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Elena Saharova
designer (artdirector)

When you work in design for more than 10 years, you grow as a person and your competencies become wider. Over the years I’ve had sites where I present myself as a designer, then as a designer and artist, then even as a designer, artist and poet.

This summer, I realized that I needed to reduce this circle of my interests, but I couldn’t just call myself a freelance designer, as incorrect positioning would not do me any favors, so I decided to clearly define what I was doing in the field of design.

Авангардистский дадаизм и новая французская волна в советском кино.

photo by Dmitri Popov

01 — Типографика

Казалось бы, с ней все понятно: нам рассказали, как работать с текстом, как его располагать и в каком количестве использовать. Мы знаем сервисы, где…

Начнем с того, куда же подевались WEB дизайнеры, раз все стали UI/UX дизайнерами?

Elena Saharova

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