The Start of Something New…?

She sits there, reading a favorite book. But then, just as she is about to get to a good part, she suddenly looks up. Across the room, she notices a boy, reading the same book as she. She tilts her head sideways, trying to figure out where she has seen him before.

He is facing another direction, so all she sees is his profile. She isn’t completely aware of what she is doing, mind you. When just a minute before, her mind wonders when her favorite character will succeed in their quest, now all the images that run in her mind are that of the boy across the room. Her face lights up with excitement as she finally recognizes him, remembering how she has seen him come almost as regularly as her.

I wonder if he’ll recognize me… Which chapter he is in now? Who is his favorite character? Is it the same as mine? I wonder if we can be friends from reading the same book…?

Questions start to run through her mind as she watched him. She can’t help but smile as his expressions changed; the way his eyebrows creased when an unpleasant scene comes up, or the way his lips curve upward when he’s satisfied with the next.

She is snapped back into reality when the boy suddenly looks up at her. Feeling guilty for being caught staring, she immediately looks away.

Slowly, she is falling for that boy. Yes, just from looking at him across the room, she will. But she won’t realize this until much, much later. For now, she is content with the warm feeling she felt looking at him, as she immerses herself into the story once again.

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