How to avoid the packing madness

Everyone has gone through this: you need to quickly get ready for that unexpected business trip, that last-minute weekend getaway or that long-awaited grand vacation. There are so many things you need to bring and chores you need to do that you try to juggle these lists in your head. You get mad, irritated and tired. Fortunately, there is a tool, which can help.

I talk about app that convenient and easy to use — uPackingList. It begins with creation of new list, through which a number of default items can be selected. They are divided into categories: trip, food, tools, electronics, money, accessories and to-do list before you leave. If you don’t find the item or electronic gadget in default lists, don’t worry. You can always add a new category or a new item with a few simple clicks.

The application also takes into account the purpose of trip and the destination location, and selects the most suitable items accordingly.

When you’ve completed the list, just press the “Pack” button and move on to luggage selection, noting the neatly arranged hats, toothbrushes, and dozens of other essential things.

So, avoid the packing madness and the hassle of forgetting to pack certain items or do certain errands. With the uPackingList application, you can simply enjoy any trip from start to finish!

You can learn more about the application there: