I will Never be Great at Everything

I have finally come to accept a simple fact of life. I will never be great at everything.

A few years ago I worked as an interpreter at a summer camp for children with mental disabilities. I talked to one mother who had a wonderful boy with cerebral palsy. She told me something that will stay with me forever.

Your life is like a tree. You have branches growing in all directions. When a child with cerebral palsy comes into your life it seems like your branches will never be strong enough to hold. Then you realize that you have to cut most of them and only leave the main branches. You have to say NO to things that are not essential. Once you prune your tree the branches grow stronger and you become a beautiful tree reaching for the sky.

As children, we need to grow in all directions, explore and find things that matter to US. As adults, we have to decide which branches to keep and which ones to cut.

What are you willing to give up?