Let the Peace of the Wilderness be With You

I worry about my job (or the absence of it), the environment, looks, money, the words I said or didn’t say and many other things. I spend a lot of time planning the future and the things I would do if only I had: the time, the will, the money, etc.

I know deep inside, that all I have is now and what I make of it, but the daily activities and the routine often lures me into thinking that there will be another chance, another day, another time.Only sometimes there is no more time.

On our trip across the U.S., in Rapid City (South Dakota) we met an amazing man, a Native American, named Emerson who lived with his girlfriend Susan. Susan is an expert of Native American culture and spent most of her life working as a conservation biologist. When we came to their home, Emerson greeted us and the thing that impressed me most was his eyes. His eyes radiated peace and wisdom. He spoke softly and with love about his friends, his land, his ancestors.

It is hard to believe, but there were still people objecting to their love, because Susan is a white woman. Emerson didn’t care what people said. The way Susan and Emerson played music together was truly beautiful. We only spent a couple of days with them, but felt really lucky to have met such warm and interesting people. Today I received an e-mail from Susan telling me that Emerson had passed away. He was only 52 years old and in perfect health. Sometimes there isn’t another chance, another time, another day…

I’ll try to:

- Speak softly and with love.

- Be patient with others and myself.

- Tell people how important they are in my life.

- Live my life to the fullest.