Is EthConnect Coin ICO A Scam?

This week has been very busy for me and I keep getting asked the same question: Is EthConnect A Scam?

In my opinion this project is definitely not a scam. If you haven’t heard of EthConnect then you can see their website here:

Also by joining through this URL you will get a 4% bonus on signup, just send me a message after you’re done signing up with your username and I’ll send you the Ethereum:

So let me review this project.

This project is a referral MLM scheme that helps spread the word about EthConnect very easily. Similar projects that are still active today are BitConnect and RegalCoin. We assume this may have the same developers as BitConnect which has been very successful in paying users.

We have seen a 1% growth in our net worth by using Bitconnect in the past year and EthConnect has offered to do the exact same.

They are helping users get 1% gain daily by lending their money to EthConnect and in return they pay dividends to the users.

EthConnect is likely to be very cheap during ICO and is only valued at 50cents however we are expecting this to go up 10–50x its value similar to RegalCoin which had an ICO at 85 cents but is now worth close to $50.

We highly recommend you get into EthConnect early.

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