I think you proved one of my points while completely missing my other argument about how voice…
Chris Messina

I have one overwhelming problem with ear buds of any kind, that the AirPods are not going to solve. They HURT. A lot. I don’t understand how anyone can use them. I don’t appear to have weird nonhuman ears in any way, so I don’t know why ear buds hurt me, but they do. So I am with Dave Pitt, who uses headphones. Those aren’t particularly comfortable for me either, but at least they aren’t torturous. I am not very hopeful about my near future with technology under these circumstances. Frankly, I do not care to have my ears “fucked.”

(And I don’t see anything sexy or sultry about the AirPods. They look just as silly as any other tech object attached to one’s head.)

I also currently use a plug-in credit card reader for my business, and have reasons to continue to do that, so I’ll be sticking with my iPhone 6 for as long as I can.

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