Goals in OCtober

When we write our goals they become just plans that seem to us easier to do. Well, here are my goals in October:

  1. I want to begin with the largest and, as for me, the most difficult goal — to improve my skill in French. Every day I listen to teachers and they always stress how it is important to know as many foreign languages as possible. I had french classes in school as the second language and have rather good results. But If you want to succeed in learning languages you shoul pay much attention to practice yourself, not only during the class. I had no time for it, because I spend all my time learning history. So, It’s time to begin!
  2. The second goal — is to succeed to at the seminars. The next week we will have our first seminars, so it will be great to make a good begining. Frainkly saing, I worry about them, especially about Russian History, but I hope evetything will be Ok:)
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