My first day of “adult life”

I’m thinking a lot about my first day in the University on Sunday. Frankly speaking, I felt nervous and uncomfortable…

Monday: We gathered near the entrace, trying not to lose each other. We expected our first day to be difficult… but it was really nice, funny and interesting! Scavengfer hunt made this day memorable. We was devided into several teams at random, but all members of my team was from my English group. Maybe it was fate?:)

Our aim was to do as many challenges as we can and take photos to prove it.

Our “journey” to LUNN began ! The first task was to make a photocopy of our challenge list, it was rather easy… but then! We were running the whole hour, there were a lot of stairs, endless halls. We lost Mark, arter that was trying to find him. I still don’t where different classrooms are situated, but I had great time with my new friends and it was really enjoyable!

economy Department and a rich guy
Assembly hall
Assembly hall