Untucked Documentary Reaction

Untucked was a rather provoking documentary, proving to be short, sweet and to the point.

The film was made out of old video clips, voice-overs and interviews with old players and coaches. The construction was seamless, and left me yearning for more.

Showing old clips helped with the visual aspect, and was much more effective than just showing the interview with players.

In order to tell the story of the untucked jerseys, interviews with star players like Bo Ellis told the story of Al McGuire and what he accomplished for Marquette Basketball. It truly encompassed what made the team unique and desirable.

Flashbacks, as seen through old video clips also aided in telling the story and was useful in the sense that it sets the image, and transports the viewer back to Marquette’s past.

One technique that made an impression on me was the drawings of different jerseys. This was a creative and interactive way to illustrate just how many jerseys have gone through Marquette’s walls.

Music transitions were a must in this piece, and were not take lightly — they acted as a way to show the viewer the importance of the situation.

The key takeaway from watching this piece and relating it to my writing is storytelling. This film did a remarkable job of storytelling, an essential trait for writers and videographers today.

To be able to tell a story and have viewers or readers visualize it is an indispensible trait to have, and one that I will continue to work on.

Untucked told a simple story of why Marquette was the reason behind the ban of untucked jerseys on the basketball field. While seemingly unimportant, this film takes a mundane fact and turns it into a compelling story that leaves viewers wanting more.