Why I wasn’t in class

While class began today, I boarded a train to take me home after a few grueling months of work.

I am saddened at the loss of not being able to search through old archives, and can only imagine the fun I am missing out on.

My absence is recognition that I am only human. These past few months have taken their toll and I have found myself sick for the past few weeks.

We often forget to take care of ourselves amid the constant stream of assignments, tests, classes, work, with the remaining few hours spent catching up with friends and sleep. This has left little time for my body to recover from the sinus infection caught amidst the swirl of activity and responsibilities.

I am not in class because I have recognized the only way to get better is to not be in class, to go home, see a doctor and rest. Stress adds up week after week and my body needs time to recover.

Instead of putting work, assignments and class as my priority, I am choosing to take care of my health so I am able to do these things as a healthy individual.

The snow melting away and leaving the freshness of spring in its midst has made me eager to shake off the ever present sniffles and cough that linger.

I am not in class because I am human and need a break, as we all do. Consider this my sick day, come and past. I do wish I had a more exciting reason for not being in class, but today I just want to get better.