Hackathon cy #insurtech was held with great success

The three-day innovation marathon “Hackathon cy #insurtech” on the development of applications (Minimum Viable Products — MVP) and operational innovation in the field of insurance was held in Cyprus for the first time on 26, 27 and 28 January 2018, at KPMG offices.

Hackathon cy #insurtech was held by the innovation and technology company Crowdpolicy and KPMG Cyprus within the context of the open innovation action Crowdhackathon.

Hackathon cy #insurtech was attended by young entrepreneurs, developers, analysts, designers, communication, marketing and customer service executives, business consultants, professionals, executives from the field of insurance and students who worked together to develop applications that promote innovative youth and social entrepreneurship and the economy through the important field of insurance.

15 teams participated in total and the applications they developed cover topics such as machine learning and data analytics, blockchain, insurance marketplaces, new insurance products around #insurtech etc.

Digital Tranformation @insurance Workshop was a side event to the Hackathon that was held to highlight all the important aspects of the new technological and digital transformation in the field of insurance.


The winning teams of Hackathon cy #insurtech

1st place: Sleeping Sloth

2nd place: Qubo

3rd place: Ali Zavra

4th place: Codein

5th place: Trustwise

1st prize € 3,000: Team Sleeping Sloth, Τransparency in brokerage process and bidding, with the use of ΙONIC and Lamp.

2nd prize € 2,000: Team Qubo, peer 2 peer blockchain insurance with the use of DAO infrastructure.

3d prize € 1,000: Team Ali Zavra - their idea solves the problem of underinsurance through machine learning for recommendations to insurers regarding specific products depending on the profile

4th prize MSc Scholarship in Cybersecurity, UCLA: Team Codein, scoring application for profiles focusing on referral mechanism and reciprocity.

5th prize MSc Scholarship in Cybersecurity, UCLA: Team Trustwise, peer 2 peer insurance based on blockchain technologies and the use of sensors for the farming industry.

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Video (playlist) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu9m9IPpUFFDmrovGj5Jy9EChDBJerosz

Photos https://www.facebook.com/pg/cyinsurtech/photos/?ref=page_internal

Code and presentations https://github.com/hackathon-cyinsurtech

More information: www.crowdpolicy.com , www.crowdhackathon.com,https://home.kpmg.com

Sources and additional content from impossible works https://impossible.works/impossible-news/cy-news/insurtech-hackathon-kpmg