An Extra Hour: You Choose

Delivery services (the ones that do it right) are one of my favorite things on the planet. As a sporadic Instacart and regular Amazon Now customer, I have had many recent conversations with friends on this topic — what they do, which do it best, why they do it better, etc… and what it all means.

We live in a world where we are busier than ever, where we are making decisions later in the game and trying to maximize every single second of every single day. As such, we have become so stretched with countless demands on our time, focus and energy. So, with everything now available at the click of a button, the initial reaction is that these services are a godsend, right?

But is this “click of a button” mentality making us even more disconnected or simply more connected to the things we really want to be connected to?

Enter, opportunity cost. If you didn’t have to go to Whole Foods for a grocery run, what would you do instead? If you didn’t have to run to Target, could you spend that time doing something that you really enjoy or would rather do if you could? And given the opportunity to do those things, would you actually do them?

Maybe, maybe not. But, these services offer another potential option in the decision making process— and as far as I’m concerned, the power to choose is everything.

So imagine: the delivery person arrives at your doorstep with your organic broccoli, gallon of dulce de leche ice cream and Preparation H… you’ve spared an hour of your day (and any judgment at the check out line).

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