On friendship: The friends I don’t need any more

The friends I don’t need any more are those who don’t ask how I am but only what I’m doing,

those who are afraid of a real conversation,

the ones who will interrogate me rather than have a dialogue,

the ones who silently judge me rather than speaking up their minds,

the ones who don’t pick up the phone first and play hard to get,

the ones who gossip about others cause I know they do the same with me,

the ones who are certain about things they have absolutely no experience with,

those who never admit that they’re sad, the inauthentic ones,

the ones who were quick to categorize me as their “married friend” rather than just their friend,

those who easily see what other people do wrong but never take a look into themselves,

those who forget that the only thing essential to a meaningful relationship is love,

those who think they know what I’m thinking without having asked me,

the ones who have no longer real interest in me, but see me as their “gossip magazine” from Norway,

the ones who have chosen the easy way, who never think things twice or give other people a chance,

those who build a wall around them and demand my friendship,

those who are not really my friends any more.