Are You Ready to Say “I love you”?
Sarah Cooper

Thanks Sarah.

I read all the text and honestly, yes it did clarify some things to me. Reading the Responses of the text, I realize that when we talk about the word “Love”, we all have different meanings to describe it. 
I understand that in your text you talk about Romantic Love. Apparently this love is the one that has more descriptions, and that makes me think that perhaps the meaning we give it is directly related to our attachments and insecurities, feeling alone or incomplete.

But the truth is that I feel that I do not understand anything about Romantic love … I have said “I love you” many times and the way you describe the “Reasons why” we say those words to our couples, fitted me exactly. And Again I just understand it… I have never fall in love with someone.

But what happens with “I just know that I love you”, that irrational feeling out of logic that states nothing.
I feel lost in this subject ..

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