How To Eat The Foods You Like & Still Reach Your Fitness Goals
Theo Brenner-Roach

I can’t go without eating breakfast because it is important for my metabolism to get my body going for the day . I take a thyroid medication and so I need food especially to break my fast in the morning. I am thinking of trying what had worked for me once before . I will eat breakfast be it a simple bowl of Cheerios and fruit and then skip lunch and stop eating doughnuts or cookies at work , and it is tempting seeing as I work in a coffee and doughnut shop, must resist the temptation that’s all. I would then eat a normal dinner after work in the evening but also must resist those night time bad snacks like chips and sweets. Thank you for your writing , it serves to remind me that I must buckle down and do what I must to lose these unwanted pounds weighing me down lately.

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