Debbie Aruta

The first time in my life that I suffered from a bad bout of depression was when I had separated from my husband for the longest period of time about five years. I thought about divorce but because I was a young single Mom at that time working two jobs just to survive I thought it better to wait until my husband asked me for a divorce and he could pay for it. Well, I was barely there, emotionally anyway, for my kids at that time, I was so depressed and thinking of suicide a lot. Finally, I went for help and with some anti-depressants and councelling , I was better. I really don’t think a young mother should ever think that she has nobody to live for because she definitely has her children who need their mother, no matter what. I find myself alone now again. My husband and I re-united when the kids were younger but in recent years we divorced but my kids are grown and on their own. So, nowadays , I think about what or who I have to live for and the answer seems to be God. For me, it’s God and what he has done to save my life and soul. I think if it wasn’t a belief in something , I may not be here today. Thanks for your story. I hope it helps people suffering from depression, (the black silent condition).

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