Two questions are asked in planning and during production,

  1. If I capture at this codec and format, how many hours can I fit on my hard drive?
  2. I am going to capture at this format and codec, for these amount of hours. How much hard drive space will I need?

Although cameras, shared storage and removable drive sizes have changed these questions will still be asked going forward.

The current apps on the market are out of date and missing essential features.

For this reason we created eSpace, a free cross platform iOS & Android storage calculator, with 8K RED…

Creating content on a daily basis for productions ensures we need multiple outlets to distribute this content. This could be in the production and post-production phase, to ensure the right people are receiving what they need at the right time.

Needing to decide how many versions of the content you need to copy and distribute to multiple destinations is always a challenge. Factors that play a part in this decision making process are varied but normally the time take to deliver the content is seen as the most important. …

At IBC 2015 the recent tradeshow in Europe for all things based around content creation and delivery aimed at post production, broadcast and everywhere in between, we had the pleasure of sitting in on a few presentations including Adobe and Avid.

With Media Composer and Premiere Pro, these are the only two products in each companies portfolio that compete against each for the same but varied video editing customers. Adobe focused as a software company with Creative Cloud and Avid selling both software and hardware.

Certainly the business models of both companies differ for their NLEs. Adobe, much to annoyance…

Some things to ponder when trying to get the most out of cloud media production

Over the last 5 years the increase in internet connectivity and high bandwidth connections along with the ability to host applications in a light-weight browser, have increased the thirst for working remotely and in turn leveraging the cloud. In 2014 Mark Zuckerberg announced building drones with satellites enabling a global effort for making basic internet services available to all in the world. …

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