Sex Culture as a Business

I am working this week with Blackbox Connect, a two week residential program for women owned businesses. Its a great opportunity as it gives me the time, space and access to resources that are targeted towards women. For example, yesterday we had a very important conversation about culture and how it influences your business, just my personality and how I connect with people and hold myself accountable are signals to other people around me. As CEO, how you act and behave influences your employees behaviors. The discussion centered on business scenarios, but my mind the whole time was analyzing what elements of this was applicable with consent and my documentary Asking for Sex. We were talking about culture, but all I could see is that each situation connected back to the established norms of what is appropriate for consent…how you should ask and give.

My big hairy audacious goal for my documentary is to reduce the number of rapes globally by 10% in 10 years. Now this may sound crazy but I think it is achievable with the right approach to culture change, but what I am asking to do is a campaign to change how we approach sex culturally on a global level. My strategy has a few different milestones and I imagine it will change through the next 10 years, but I have a vision. The first milestone will be to complete the first version of the documentary that will use what resources I have in San Francisco. But next milestones would be to focus on two new countries/cultures most specifically two that are on two different ends of the spectrum. For example, comparing Japan where rape is glorified through anime heroes compared to Iceland, where women initiate asking for sex and the casual sex attitude is the most liberal in the world. After going deep and researching different countries, ongoing content generation and sharing stories of how people Ask for Sex would be in the works. Seriously, I am looking to make this into a business, never thought of it as that, but changing the culture of how we approach sex needs a strategy that is sustainable and worthwhile. I would be interested to see how this evolves and what other elements I will need to think through if I start considering this as a business, but I think it is the right direction, especially if I am going to be driving this thing.